Most Common Help Topics

  • How do I find my team?

    Visit our Find My Team page to see if you've already received an email invitation to join. If not, ask your coach/manager to send you an invitation. Even better, if a family member has already joined the team they can send you an invitation.

  • My spouse needs access to TeamSnap

    To add your spouse or other family member and give them access to your child’s team, log into your account at, click the New Family Member button, and make sure to grant Shared Access. Here's full instructions!

  • How do I start a new season for my team?

    It's pretty easy. We've got complete instructions on managing TeamSnap seasons here.

  • Why am I not receiving emails from my team?

    It could be a typo, your spam filter, or TeamSnap not set up properly for your email address. Here's everything you need to get your emails going!

  • How do I transfer my team to someone else?

    If you're no longer organizing or paying for your team, it's easy to transfer ownership to someone else so they can take over. Read the complete instructions on transferring a team here.

  • How can I ensure my team is receiving Alerts?

    The most important thing is for everyone to properly set up their notification settings. You can help them out by sending them this article on setting up their notification settings to give full details.

  • How do I add my schedule to my Google or iCal?

    Look for the Subscribe/Export button when you log into your team on the web. We've got more detailed instructions on setting up TeamSnap for calendars right here.

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