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How to Add a Sponsor’s Logo & Link to your Home Page

Ultra Plan Members can add multiple Sponsors to their internal and public TeamSnap Home Page.  An unlimited number of Sponsors’ logos & links can be added.  The Sponsor’s information will be randomly displayed so each Sponsor will get display time, or users can click the arrows to toggle through all Sponsors.

To add your Sponsors’ logos & links, log on with Manager Access and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Manager Tab
  • Go to the Public Access screen
  • Click the Add New Sponsor button
  • Choose File for the logo
  • Add the Sponsor’s URL
  • Add the Sponsor’s Name
  • Click Save
  • Repeat for each Sponsor

PLEASE NOTE: Uploaded logos can be “jpg”, “jpeg”, “gif”, or “png”; with a maximum size of 8MB each.

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