How does Facebook login work? | TeamSnap

How does Facebook login work?

You can use Facebook to log into TeamSnap instead of using your TeamSnap username and password. Once you’ve connected Facebook to TeamSnap, any time you are logged into Facebook you will be automatically logged into TeamSnap. When you log out of either service you will be logged out of the other.

How do I set up Facebook login for TeamSnap

On the login screen, click the “Login with Facebook” button. A screen will pop open asking for permission to let TeamSnap access your Facebook information. Once you approve access for TeamSnap, you’ll need to enter your TeamSnap username and password so we can connect your accounts. You only have to do this step the first time you sign in with Facebook. In the future, when you log in with Facebook we’ll already know who you are.

How does TeamSnap use my Facebook info?

TeamSnap will never post anything to your Facebook account or contact any of your friends without your express permission. We only use your Facebook information to log you into TeamSnap.

Does TeamSnap get access to my Facebook username and password?

No, that information remains private. We have no access to either your Facebook username or password.

Why does TeamSnap ask for extended permissions?

The first time  you connect to TeamSnap with Facebook we ask for permission to access certain pieces of your Facebook information. It is up to you to decide whether to provide that information or not, and if  you choose not to provide it you can still use Facebook to log in. In the future, we will provide additional ways for you to share your TeamSnap information with Facebook, or use your Facebook information to customize your TeamSnap experience, but we will never do this without your express permission. We hate to be surprised by unwanted information being posted to Facebook by 3rd parties, and we won’t ever do that to you. We promise.

If I connect Facebook to TeamSnap, can I still use my regular TeamSnap username and password?

Yes. Facebook gives you an additional way to log into TeamSnap, but does not replace the standard method of signing in with your TeamSnap username and password.

Can I unlink my Facebook account later?

Yes, if you later decide that you prefer not to use Facebook to connect to TeamSnap, simply log in (with or without using Facebook) and click on My Account. At the bottom of the screen, click on “Disable Facebook Login.”

What’s Facebook?

It’s the world’s premier social network. Learn more at

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