How do I “subscribe” to my TeamSnap schedule if I use iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or other iCal-compatible calendars?

If you use Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook 2007(or newer) or any iCal-compatible calendar you can “subscribe” to your TeamSnap Schedule and have your full schedule of games and events show up automatically in your calendar (If you use Google Calendar, we have special instructions available).  To do so in the web application, go to the Schedule tab, click the “Subscribe/Export” button located in the top right hand corner of the screen.  From here, you click the “Subscribe to this calendar” button and choose your desired program or copy the link directly into your calendar program.

Also, if you simply want to export the schedule as a CSV file for use in a spreadsheet or word processing program you can click the “Export text file” button.

Your personal calendar will update approximately one hour from when the changes are made within TeamSnap.

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If you are using iCal and have downloaded one of our iOS mobile apps, you will just want to follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to the iOS app
  • Go to the Schedule screen (but don’t click through to a specific game or event)
  • Scroll to the bottom and touch “+Add schedule to iOS Calendar”

Ta da!  You are all set!


If you’re an Android user, we’ve got help for you too.




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