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FAQs – TeamSnap Acquires Weplay Customers and Technology

What happened?

TeamSnap acquired the customer base, technology, and other assets of Weplay.  If you’re a Weplay customer, we welcome you to TeamSnap. On the evening of Sunday, July 14th, you will be moved over to the TeamSnap platform.

Who is TeamSnap?

TeamSnap is the world’s leading mobile and web service for managing recreational and competitive sports teams and groups. You’re in good company – 200,000 teams in 195 countries use TeamSnap today.

Will I like TeamSnap?

We’re confident you won’t just like TeamSnap, you’ll love TeamSnap. We built TeamSnap to save a lot of time and headaches for players, parents, coaches and team / group managers. Ensuring that TeamSnap is easy to use has always been one of our guiding principles.  We’ve also focused on listening intently to our customers and providing first-rate customer support seven days a week.

Take a look at some testimonials to hear from our passionate customers. Or if you prefer, check out the reviews for our iPhone app on the Apple App Store. Our iPhone app is rated above 4.5 stars (out of 5) by real-world customers.

Do I need to do anything at this point?

No, keep on using your Weplay service as usual until the evening of July 14th. Weplay will not be accessible for those few hours during the migration. After the migration, we will send you an email with password reset instructions.

What items in Weplay will be migrated to TeamSnap?


What new features does TeamSnap offer?

As the #1 team management service with five million users in 195 countries, TeamSnap offers you the most robust feature set that was previously not offered to you on Weplay. These features include:

  • iPhone, iPad and Android free mobile app capabilities. Access all of your team information on the go. Text message last-minute changes to all or part of the team. View and edit scores, rosters, the team schedule, player availability & more.

  • Detailed Roster. View detailed player profiles, add parent contact information to each player, and include “custom fields” for things like “Jersey Size” and others.

  • Item Tracking and Refreshments. Customize your item Tracking to keep tabs on anything you want. The Refreshments feature allows you to assign members to bring drinks and snacks to each practice and game.

  • Payment Tracking. Collect payments right from the TeamSnap site. Record notes and show who has paid.

  • A League and Club Solution. As a Commissioner, use TeamSnap to integrate and organize all of your teams on the League and Club level along with a customizable league website, registration features and more.

  • Free, Basic & Premium Plan options available. TeamSnap has both free and paid plans. As a Weplay customer, we are extending you 60 days of the TeamSnap Premium service with all the features of TeamSnap so you can then later decide which plan fits best.

I am on a free plan today, but I noticed that TeamSnap has free and paid plans. How do TeamSnap’s plans work?

We offer three plans – Free, Basic and Premium.  The free service is no clunker – it offers a tremendous amount of functionality that is perfectly sufficient for many customers.  The Basic and Premium plans offer additional functionality for just a few dollars a month per team.  For example, the Basic Plan offers player availability tracking and text messaging while the Premium Plan adds statistics and customized domain names on top of the basic features.  About 80% of the customers who actively use TeamSnap choose paid plans.  Those customers tell us that the extra features save them enough time and headaches to more than justify a few dollars per month per team.

When we convert your team or group to TeamSnap, we’ll ensure that you have plenty of time to try all of our features and determine which plan is best for you.

How do I reset my password?

Your password reset instruction will be provided by a link in a follow up email shortly after July 14th.

Will I still be able to log into Weplay after July 14?

No. Weplay will not be accessible during the few hours of the migration and the site will only act as a redirect to TeamSnap after the migration.

How do I know what to do with TeamSnap?

We think that TeamSnap is pretty easy to figure out, but if you do need some additional instruction, we have some great resources for you.  Our Help Center has several Getting Started Guides for team members, as well as for the coaches/team managers.  There are also guides for the iPhone app, as well.  Within the Help Center, you can also browse various categories or search on particular terms to read any of our help articles on a TeamSnap feature.

Is customer support available?

Yes, we have always prided ourselves on providing first-rate customer support. Every member of TeamSnap’s team, including our own CEO, spends some of their time working support because we value what our customers want and need. We have a dedicated Support staff to help with questions or suggestions you may have about the product. Though we do not have all the answers yet in regards to the transition, we want to be able to help as best as we can and encourage you to email us at [email protected].

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, our Support Staff is here to help 365 days of the year!  You can send an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you within 24 hours (but usually much quicker than that).  The TeamSnap Support Desk is staffed Monday – Friday, from 8am – 10pm Eastern time.  We also have it staffed on weekends and holidays, so that someone is always available to answer your questions.

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